16 Jul 2005

EyeTunes.framework 0.1 and Album Art Widget source code

as promised, i'm releasing the EyeTunes cocoa framework that allows you to query and control iTunes programmatically, but without having to resort to learning Applescript or AppleEvents!

there are still some gaps in the code because i only wrote enough to get all my widget's functions to work. other things like getting specific playlists and finding out what playlist a track belongs to aren't implemented yet. but i suspect it isn't too hard. so i really appreciate any contributions or bug reports. but basically, the code is proven to work for my Album Art Widget and now has reliable artwork saving. (yes, it does all the NSImage, NSString (path) conversion!) the framework is released under BSD, so use it wherever you want.

also, maybe as important as well, i'm open sourcing my widget's code. so those enterprising people who think they can do much better with the artwork or interface, you can play around with that. i think even the photoshop files are in there in case you can improve on my crappy artwork :)

btw, you need to have the EyeTunes framework code to build the Album Art Widget Plugin. i'll put some detailed instructions on how to build it on the wiki page.

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