16 Jul 2005

here comes the source code

i've just finished setting up a trac repository for my open source code. you'll find a new item in the menu called "source." this links to a starter page which leads you to three (there is going to be an extra one) repository for various bits of code that i have always planned to open source but never got around to it.

i haven't gotten around to making tarball checkouts of all the code, but i will get around to that. there are still bits of code sitting on my computer that i plan to open source but don't fit into either mac, python or linux. these are things such as drupal modules (maybe i should ask for drupal cvs access and put them into the contributions.)

so my plan is the maintain the "software" page on my drupal site, and the "source" site is for people who want to report bugs, and contribute to the code.

anyway, thats finally one big thing off my todo list!

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