21 Jul 2005

sorry about the geek topics

i've just noticed that the last 10 posts i've made to this blog are all on geeky topics. i'll try to intersperse my blog with non-geeky stuff more often. but right now, most of my spare time is consumed with this, so its kinda hard to talk about something else!

well, i'll make an attempt.

this saturday, my supervisor (and lab head) is having a bbq party at his ranch (i don't know, apparently it's huge.) back in the good ole days, he was famous for holding huge bbqs for the lab and his various commercial offsprings. that was when the dot com boom was all well and good, and money for parties seemed like a good idea. i missed out on one last year because i was in the US, but this year, i'm not going to miss it!

on saturday night, i'm going to a good friend's birthday party which i was told i had to bring a sleeping bag and swimmers. also it will involve alcohol and beaches (not the sand kind -- but the pebble kind.)

in other news, my flatmate and i have been house hunting for a place to stay after next month. there ain't that many properties in cambridge right now, which is quite annoying. and of those available, there are a lot of people vying for them! hopefully i won't be homeless when our contract expires!

also, my tolerance levels have been truly tested these couple of weeks. i can't reveal too much about it, but very soon, it will be all over. between then, i will have to train to become the zen master -- watch me ignore my surroundings and blend into the background like a ninja! oh yeah, and watched fight club for the 50+th time or so, still extremely enjoyable! check out the NIN mtv done by the director of fight club. looks incredibly awesome!

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