25 Jul 2005

calvin's friendster blog

well, in case anyone who is still reading my blog in australia (ahem -- i thought i scared most of you off with my geeky posts in the last month), calvin has a new blog at friendster blog.

he did mention that he couldn't update his blog without it sending all his friendster-friends an email. i just got 3 this morning from friendster about his single blog entry. what the hell is going on there??

calvin, if you like, i can host a blog for you so you don't have to use friendster's crappy spam blog. anyway, in the meantime, i've put you on my sidebar! woohoo, i haven't updated that in ages now. anyone else i know who has a blog?

btw, calvin's blog is all about his own self centred life. mostly about him playing poker, getting buff and sleeping. the formula for his blog is quite simple, add one part complaining, 3 teaspoons of "hehehe" and one part optimistic complaining :) (btw, that is quite similar to my blog)

anyway, did i mention that friendster is the slowest web app on this planet? those guys wouldn't know database design if it hit them in the face and then screamed at them for an hour. i was trying to set my prefs to get rid of those spam emails because i've already got calvin's blog syndicated on my RSS reader, but i couldn't find the option, and had to wait 3 minutes per page load.

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