26 Jul 2005

weekend in review (part 1)

woah, what a hectic weekend!

firstly, we went to hopper's annual bbq party at his house, or should i say mansion? anyway, the party was organised by one of the many companies that hopper is on the board of. i think this time it was CBL - cambridge broadband. there were heaps of kids toys like jumping castle, robotic surfboard, face painting and candy floss.

the food was a bit limited, but that was because it was a bbq. they more than made up for it with heaps of dessert!


anyway, straight afterwards, ali and i went and on 2-3 hour ride east of cambridge to southwold. the drive took us through suffolk, where i've finally figured out how the british name their roads. in britain, they have roads named Mxx, Axx, Axxxx, Bxxxx (in order of size.) Mxx are dual carriageways (maybe multi-lane.) in australia, they would be called "freeways." Axx are the next step down, where they may or may not be dual carriage way, usually only one or two lanes per direction. however, these ones are quite wide. in australia, these would be called "highways." then come the Axxxx, these ones are basically fancy names for "road." and when i say road, it is basically wide enough to fit maybe two family cars side by side. finally, there are the Bxxxx which you'd call a "back alley." these roads are two way, but they not only allow people to park on the side of them, there are 90 degree turns everywhere, tall green hedges delineating the road from the farm and also it is just about wide enough for a small truck to go through. now i understand why the british think of the mini cooper as their symbolic car!

why did we have to go to southwold? .. all will be revealed in the next post ..

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