26 Jul 2005

weekend in review (part 2)

southwold isn't actually very south. so we went there to celebrate andy rice's birthday. or in other words, we were drinking close to adnams and the seaside.

by the time we got there, they had already completed one round of drinking and a game of golf. southwold is a very nice place, very laid back coastal town, nothing like cambridge. knowing andy rice, you'd basically imagine a nigght being mainly about beer. and it was so. because the pub was near the coast, we were under instructions to prevent him from swimming after drinking! and boy did he come close, constantly asking me whether i had seen the sea or not. being australian, i think i've seen the sea before! and this was no bondi beach (a constant taunt from them -- asking me whether the beach looked like bondi or not.)

so here is what the beach looked like in the morning. as traditional (apparently) would have it, we all had to go for a swim despite it only being around 15C or so -- i suppose that is a "warm" day here. funnily enough, no one on the beach were dumb enough to replicate our feat.

so we went for a 10 minute swim out in the sea where the only thing that resembled bondi was the fact it had water, the surf was choppy and there was a pub near by :) i could of stayed in there longer if it wasn't for the fact that i got the most complete foot massage ever by the stones/pebbles on the beach.


if you forgot about the stones, southwold beach is actually quite pretty with their beach-bling:


the beach was hella windy, and i bet you'd never see anyone in australia attempting to sit on a beach just because they could tell their friends they did! these people decided that they stick on the beach no matter how ridiculous they looked:


but of course, i saved the best for last. you definitely know that the british have huuuggeee groins, because you are advised not to swim near them:


but thank god they have services to tend to their fannys:


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