05 Aug 2005

ha .. apparently i'm unreasonable!

well, i guess thats the end of the line. all passengers please get off.

life is so much easier when you don't have to give a fuck about some idiots who think that they are better than you. of course, i'm also a bastard for pulling someone's network cable when they weren't at home beacuse their bittorrent was killing our ADSL connection and i couldn't work. my ping times were going through the roof at over 500ms.

and he's so mad because he was downloading some critical brain surgery instructions over bittorrent, and i managed to slow him down for another hour or so. but then again, that file name of HORNY_CAREY_DOES_BRAIN_SURGERY.XViD.DVDRip.[TS].avi.torrent might not have been legit anyway.

and of course, if you plan to go down to london, please get permission from him, because if you don't, you're not giving anyone any respect. its kinda funny when you hear someone who is so unreasonable talk about respect.

(oh yeah, btw, i'm taking back what i said about hoping they forgive me -- i don't think someone that unreasonable would ever able to work up something callde forgiveness for anyone)

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