09 Aug 2005

york, uk

went up to york last sunday. york is such a nice place compared to cambridge. less congested, wider spaces, better kept, (maybe) less tourists! here's a brief summary:

here's the nice gothic style arches near the theatre royal!


there are horses, just like outside central park in new york. except they don't smell as bad!


it seems like every old uk city has these copper models of the city. ok, well, my sample size is two, york and cambridge:


you can take the train to the train museum, except its not actually a train. i didn't go, but i wonder if it is also a museum?


they have a nice big clock here, but it tells the time in madagascar:


some artist took over an abandoned church and made it into a piece of artwork:


of course, if the prince visits you, you have to commemorate that with a plaque. what the..


here's a nice bridge from the chemisty department to the york university library, it looks kinda cool, except when you actually walk on it, its kinda shoddy:


inside york university, you have to seek enlightenment, of course, you can always take the easy way out and ask mr. buddha here:


seeking enlightenment can be quite taxing, you can eat at the ali-g edible foodstuff dealership?


finally, in modern times, the city gates have been replaced by bollards.


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