10 Aug 2005

daniel powter, podcasts and album art

current favourite song on my itunes and ipod is "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter (itms) (amazon). it represents alot of what i feel about things in general. it was the free itunes music download for last week. i only heard of this guy from a podcast from the most popular radio station in sydney, triple m. the show shebang had an interview. there was an interview and a fab live performance of the song. here's a direct link to the podcast.

Daniel Powter
cool thing is that you can then get itunes to just play a portion of the podcast rather than the whole thing by setting the start and stop time -- like so:

Picture 4

finally, i've committed some sample code into EyeTunes.framework that converts artwork in itunes to a jpeg file you can put on your blog.

of course, you could also do the same by opening up the info page for the track (cmd+i), selecting the "artwork" tab and then copy (cmd+c). then open preview and press (cmd+n) for new from clipboard and then (cmd+s) to save!

maybe i'll polish it up and make it so that you can make album art posters using artwork in your itunes.

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