10 Aug 2005

triple phd?

i forgot to talk about this on my york trip. but when we were heading back to cambridge, we sat next to an asian guy. he started chatting to us because we were asian and students as well. it turns out he is Doctor Doctor Rethy K. Chhem. it's doctor doctor because he has two phds, one in medicine and another in comparative education! it also turns out that he is doing is third phd! so i think it is illegal for him to enter germany, because they only have a title for people with two phds, but nothing for three!

anyway, this guy turns out to be quite cool. he's doing a phd in medicinal history, on looking at 12th century medicine in south east asia. pretty kick ass! i asked him which phd is the hardest, he said it is the first one because you have so much pressure, the second one is easy! well, he didn't say it was easy, but he did say that some people fix motorbikes as a hobby, he likes to do phds.

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