14 Aug 2005

next generation news aggregators

on saturday i had a lazy day and poked around with podcasts/vidcasts on itunes. its actually quite funny watching geek vidcasts, especially systm and diggnation.

which is very interesting, because diggnation is a vidcast about a website called digg.com. its very funny because its basically two guys talking about what the top news is as rated by users of the next generation news aggregator site, digg.com. digg.com is a very well executed news ranking site that allows you to catch up with tech/geek news as rated by geeks themselves. you can "digg" articles that people have posted, mark articles as dupes, and post your own articles which are basically one link plus a headline.

in a flickr-eqsue/fark-esque style, each post becomes a discussion point where many comments start to flow in. i'm not too keen on the discussion, because without proper moderation like slashdot (and sometimes even with moderation) it degenerates into just rambling by people who know nothing.

the cool thing is you can maintain a list of news articles that you find interesting (its very easy to add to the list -- all ajax-y), and if you're an interesting person, then maybe the idea is that other people can subscribe to what you find cool. think of it as a collaborative filter/tagging system. when enough people "digg" news from this site, you could sort of trust them to tag the news that is hot and relevant to you.

there must be a whole bunch of cool ideas that can stem from this. the only downside is that the news is very geek orientated, so think of it as a souped up slashdot. now they should expand it to cover more than geek stuff. think of it as hot-or-not but for geek news.

digg.com is going to be right up there on my top 5 visited sites along with bbc news, slashdot, boingboing and hotlinks.

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