14 Aug 2005

omg! kick ass design website!

i just came across shaun inman's website, and it kicks ass. if you have a decent modern browser (which means firefox, mozilla-compat or safari-compat) you should check it out. i especially enjoy the nav bar at the top. his designologues site is also very nicely done.

after various hardcore javascript and css hacking over the weekend, i really respect people who can present a decent and clean site with unobtrusive css and javascript that just works!

oh yeah, and my safari fixed position google map hack kills the dragging/interaction on safari! damn it. now i have to figure out another way to force safari to redraw without damaging their event listeners in javascript. and i was all excited when i finally got it working that i never actually tried using the map. the fact it stayed on the screen without moving was enough to make me euphoric.

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