25 Aug 2005

disappearing mail messages (ConcreteMessageMall)

in the hope of helping other people who have been bitten by this apple mail bug or apple software update bug -- if you see this in your console log (/Applications/Utilities/Console.app):

Exception raised during monitored invocation of _backgroundMergeMessages:, exception: *** -[ConcreteMessageMall compareByNumberMessage:andMessage:sortedAscending:]: selector not recognized

then it is because your apple mail version is too old. check your "About Mail" item in your menu, if it says 2.0, but you are running 10.4.2, then something has screwed up with software update and you've been left with an old version of Mail.

Mail 2.0 is the buggy verison that comes with 10.4.0, and has since been replaced by each iteration of 10.4.1, 10.4.2 and security update 2005-07. the most stable version should be 2.0.3 (at the time of writing). if you don't have it, follow the instructions at this apple discussion about using pacifist and downloading the apple combined update and security update. in short the steps are:

1. download the combined update and security update.
2. backup your existing mail.app by copying it somewhere.
3. open pacifist, and then use it to open the 10.4.2 combined update.
4. find /Applications/Mail.app and then click "Extract To", extract it to the default location
5. when prompted for you password, give it to them, they're not evil.
6. click on the "Update" button when the choice comes up.
7. repeat the same procedure for the 2005-07 security update package.
8. run mail again!

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