01 Sep 2005

blog maintenance wastes so much time

i've just spent upwards of an hour pruning nearly 800 comment spams, approving comments that have been binned into the "please moderate" category that i couldn't see because of the flood of spam that has consumed my blog. lucky for the viewers out there, you can't see any, because i have to spend about 10 minutes each day pruning them.

unfortuantely, with all my moving and lack of internet at home, i've accumulated around 2 weeks worth of comments that i haven't check out. so sorry for all those people who have had their comment in my moderation queue that i hadn't had time to get around to. something is not working though because usually it is able to let people who only occassionally comment thru the filter and stop all the high volume spammers.

now to get around and think of some new strategies to deal with comment spam, figure out a least-effort comment-rss hack for drupal and also answer some of the comments!

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