01 Sep 2005

sorry for broken feeds

for those who use the atom feed, you'd prob find that the feed is mostly broken. i don't know what is happening, but the latest drupal cvs is having some major api problems that haven't been totally sorted out. as a result, my atom feed is pretty shot. i attempted to fix it last friday right before happy hour because google desktop 2 was barfing on it. it turns out that self referrential url generated in the atom feed was relative and that cause google desktop to go into a loop appending more and more to a broken url. i've fixed that but that wasn't all the whole problem.

tangential to this, i've been flirting around with the idea of writing my own blog in django after working with the framework for a month or so and really liking it. in fact, the basics of a blog is already implemented and open sourced, its just a matter of improving on it and implementing the features i want such as tagging and some smart wiki style linking with internal and external pages, better blogging api and at least non-broken rss/atom feeds!!!

using a popular cms system for you blog is an invitation for spammers to use their automated attack-drupal/wordpress/mambo scripts to generate heaps of traffic to your site. for instance, zombie bots in asia have been sequentially trying all 900+ posts on my site for trackback support. "hey, if its not enabled for one post, it won't be enabled for all the other ones!!"

also, due to running the latest drupal cvs, the blogging api seems to be broken again, so i can't use ecto to post. which is quite frustrating. maybe i'll write my own blogging software that has only the feature i want and not anything more. i'd wish ecto had all its preferences on a single pane rather than spread out all over the place. despite apple mail getting alot of flak for not working, at least have all their preferences in one place!

anyway, back to fixing the atom feeds (yet again .. for now, you can switch to the rss feed)

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