05 Sep 2005

how much value is in asda value?

being fascinated by the fact i've moved very close to two great big supermarkets, i've decided to buy random cheap stuff and taste it to see how much value there is in their value brands.

the first experiment is the asda beans and sausages. i believe this came to a total of 28p or so.

asda smartprice beans and sausages


1. the beans were smaller than heinz
2. the sausages looked thin and weak, they disintegrated easily, not very good tasting.
3. suspicious meat content!
4. tomato sauce tasted pretty alright, although a little on the thin side.

so the conclusion is that the product itself is pretty suspect and below par, but then when you consider that it is nearly half the price of the heinz beans and sausages product, then its not too bad. i think i had it with mashed potatoes (in true poor student style!)

i give these beans and sausages a 2 out of 5.

stay tuned for my face off between 8p tesco instant noodles and 8p adsa instant noodles. considering decent instant noodles can be bought for 33p in the chinese stores on mill road, will any of these alternatives provide 1/4 of the value or less? ...

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