07 Sep 2005

why you shouldn't use yahoo mail

a while ago, a journalist for an organisation known as reporters without borders was arrested in china suspected of leaking state secrets. according to this bbc article, evidence brought against him were supplied by yahoo hong kong. knowing the complacent "don't bother me" attitude in hong kong, it isn't surprising that yahoo supplied the evidence without so much of a subpeona or court order (at least that is not reported in the article, and yahoo hk has not made any moves to clarify this situation.)

what that means is that, do not yahoo mail for any private or important emails because they will give up your information without any resistance whatsoever. this is in direct contrast with ISPs in US where they have been fighting RIAA/MPAA to not release customer details no matter how big or small the issue is. also a point to consider is the protest from flickr users for being forced to take on yahoo user ids in the fear of being assimilated into this empire?

more information from reporters without borders, but of course, be a little objective about what you read on the site :)

on a final note, that also means journalists need to clue up to using encryption technologies such as gpg/pgp to encrypt their emails when they send sensitive information, especially out of china.

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