16 Sep 2005

ubicomp banquet

After a gruelling session of Ubicomp, we head to the Banquet which is in the array of hotels in this one block in Shinagawa. I think there are like 3 hotels here in this single block, and Ubicomp has managed to utilise every single one of them for various functions.

The Banquet was held in the New Takanawa Prince Hotel, and their hall is amazing.


There was a promise of a proper sushi bar which turned out to be two manned mini sushi bars with two overworked sushi chefs. We were able to grab a seat near the sushi bar in anticipation of the rush. And lucky we did because the sushi ran out nearly 45 minutes into the banquet.


There was also some sake which you had to drink out of a wooden sake box. Oh yeah, I saw these sake boxes in the ¥100 shop as well. Ubicomp had their logo printed on these and was giving them out, which is a pretty cute non-techy present.

I also missed out on some tempura because that ran out not long after the sushi! Anil tells me that the Banquet is around ¥10000 of our ubicomp ticket. I was wondering whether that was the case because firstly it wasn't worth ¥10000 (dude, imagine how much sushi you could have) and also I never saw an option to not register for the Banquet.

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