24 Sep 2005

tokyo review : humorous tokyo

well, in japan, they speak another language. it's called japanese. and when japanese people try to use english, many funny things happen. here are things we spotted during our trip:

be cool instantly gel - in tokyu hands, shibuya

tokyu hand is a huge lifestyle department store. think of a department store that doesn't sell any clothes, perfumes or whatever, but only things that you need in your house. this is it. so amongst the miles of hair care products, i found this little gem here.

Be Cool! Instantly

use this hair gel and BE COOL INSTANTLY! not like in a couple of minutes time, or in an hour or so, but INSTANTLY!

animal rubber bands - 300 yen for 6

again, in tokyu hands. i don't think this is actually anything lost in translation, but these people really mean the jokes they have on the packet. this was featured once on boing boing as well.

Animal Rubber Bands

if you can't make out what it says, the 9 points are:

1. Don't overwork us. We can get tired if we work too much.
2. Please do not pull us too hard. We don't wanna die!
3. We can survive even at -40F (-10C)
4. We can withstand 374F (130C)
5. If we become tangled gently pull us a couple of times and we will return to out normal shape.
6. We animals love company. Collect all the animals and let us play together.
7. Use us to wrap gifts and your receiver will be pleasantly surprised when they untie us.
8. We are hand and useful. Take us wherever you go.
9. Don't eat us! We are your friends.

Pis for a bear named ...

unfortunately selection of font and punctuation. i'm pretty sure it reads better in japanese:

Piss for a bear ..

O2 can

yes, final thing in tokyu hands is the can of oxygen, for all those times when the atmosphere fails to ignite.

Can of Oxygen 2

Flesh Salad -- Little's Curry

we were tempted to order the flesh salad at a curry place in shibuya.


mylord - shopping mecca in shinjuku

mylord is a shopping centre in shinjuku. mylord its a great name.

My Lord

yogurt makes me feel like a natural women

inside the mylord shopping centre, i have some delicious mango frozen yogurt!


little did i know, after i enjoyed such delicious edible food stuffs, i wiped my mouth and the cruel practical joke become apparent

Goodberry's Napkin
a titty boo company - shibuya

a titty boo? i'm lost for words.

A Titty Boo Company

delicious water

because i nearly bought the "acceptable water". i love the straightforwardness of japanese market.

Delicious Water

bad interface design

there are so many problems with this watch. firstly, there is no watch face, but a phone interface. secondly, the phone interface is a pulse dialing interface. problem is that you then have to dial a particular number which then results in the watch "announcing" the time to you via a tiny speaker. great design.


Dial-a-Watch 2

welcomed by the flying multilingual ubiquitious penguin

i doubt anybody who is not from tokyo would understand this. but this ubiquitious penguin is taking over tokyo!

Mascot for SUICA

healthy is tasty?



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