26 Sep 2005

podcasts i'm listening to

ok, maybe i'm boring everyone with posts about japan. there's still heaps to talk about though, like the sumo, qrcodes and japanese tv. but i'll save it for later in the week when i have more time.

anyway, lately i've been hooked on to four new podcasts that i've found:

podcast.talkonly.net -- a cantonese podcast by geeks in hk talking about all things from gadgets, to (illegal) downloading of hkpop music to political geeks.

itconversations -- i've been following this, haven't been listening to everything, but there a few some real gems in there

josh in japan -- this guy's a us navy marine (?) in japan who answers people's emails asking him questions about japan. i'm hella jealous of his work location.

boundcast -- review of geeky books, and even an interview with andy hertzfeld, one of the programmers on the original macintosh.

as usual though, i ask try to find time to listen/watch diggnation, engadget and triplem.

btw, i'm still using itunes and my ipod to listen to podcasts. it still sucks. why isn't there a better podcast player. firstly, why does it not automatically skip to another podcast after one finishes. the triplem podcast split their things into 3 minute segments. so its really annoying that every time i need to press "forward" and "play" to play the next podcast.

even worse on the ipod as well, you have to press "menu" then scroll to the next one and press play! i hope they fix this soon because it is really annoying.

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