02 Oct 2005

winter worm summer grass

one of my housemates was given a box of chinese herbal .. emm .. food apparently from the cupboards of a previous tenant of her friend. apparently a lot of chinese food was left, including this box of "winter worm summer grass" (冬蟲夏草).


so what is "winter worm summer grass"? when i was a kid, my mum tried to feed this to me in soup form. here is a better picture of the winter worm summer grass and its benefits and usage in chinese. there is also a chinese page summarising what the hell this is.

in winter, these worms bury themselves into the ground and eat these grass, then they somehow attach themselves to the grass and then in the summer the grass grows into a worm shape. sounds pretty gross doesn't it.

the last time i had this was when i was around 8 or 10 years old, and i'm definitely not going to have some of this stuff again. the idea just grosses me out. but apparently this stuff is really expensive. good stuff goes for around US$2.54 per "worm." my housemate found a whole box full of it, so there could be up to US$100 worth of dried worms in there.

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