06 Oct 2005

sneak peak at spotstamp

here's a sneak peak at a little app i've been building for the last couple of days. i've finally cracked the UI and the core functionality. its main goal is to easily access/edit all the metadata in the mac os x file system.

i'm especially interested in tagging files with keywords and adding additional information on the mountains of pdf files i have to generate bibtex based solely on the metadata i keep in the filesystem.

nice thing about storing the data in the filesystem is that it follows where the file is, no matter how you move it. other thing is that the format is wide open, once the files are tagged, you can get at it through any other application, even apple's own finder and spotlight. no need to get pissed that all your meticulous annotation is stored in some crazy xml file (yes i'm looking at you, iphoto!)

to give you a flavour of what it is, here are some screenshots:

spotstamp on the top right

spotstamp (a working codename) is on the top left. the interface is simple, just two tabs and an invitation for you to drag any files to it.

spotstamp displaying metadata

here i've dragged the bluetooth 1.2 specifications to spotstamp, and you can see all the metadata that has been extracted by apple preview from the PDF file. this is one of the better encoded PDFs that has the correct title, creation data and authors. notice that the first field are the comma separated list of keywords, just like flickr.

spotstamp and multiple files

drag a bunch of files, spotstamp allows you to edit all the files at once. metadata that doesn't exist or aren't in common are hidden.

spotstamp close up

here's a close up of what is happening. btw, that search button works too, but its not quite pretty yet!

so i'm getting quite close to having a beta for people to try out and see if they find it useful. haven't figured out a proper name for it yet, if you have a good idea for a name thats related to spotlight and implies tagging/keywording/annotating, i'm all ears :)

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