09 Oct 2005

web 2.0 == bubble 2.0

the register and various other people have been critising the rise of web services. calling this rise which has been dubbed web 2.0 as bubble 2.0.

my view is that it is true. the bubble is starting, but we haven't realised how big it is going to be yet. we've already gotten a whiff of it with the 2.7-4.3 billion buyout of skype by ebay, and then various acquisitions being made that don't seem to make any sense.

now is the time to come up with an idea and a shoddy business plan and make it rich. if you missed bubble 1.0, make sure you get on bubble 2.0. only this time, don't buy so many ferraris or invest in the stock market. just buy lots of gold and oil futures.

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