16 Oct 2005

interesting stats (last time i'm going to talk about stats)

here are some interesting things i've found out from doing all this web stats analysis:

1. my album art widget is most popular in japan than anywhere in the world. more people link to it from japanese web sites than english ones. in fact, i think i haven't seen one english blog link to it so far, but i've seen over 10 japanese blogs link to it, and one chinese blog.

2. the other popular thing on my site seems to be this t-shirt folding mpeg that i was sent some time ago and put on my blog. i don't even know where it originally came from. by far the most people linking to it are blogs/forums in german. seems like germans really like folding t-shirts.

3. spammers use all sorts of bogus user agent strings. for instance, they've invented all sorts of MSIE version such as 5.12, 5.13, 5.17.

4. i have visitors to this site who use msie 7.0 beta and microsoft vista.

5. yahoo's crawlers are 5 times more aggressive than google, yet 90% of all my referrers from search engines are from google.

6. msie is still by far the most popular browser on this site, even with my skew towards mac and linux. not even firefox + safari combined can beat msie. the share is around 50% IE, 25% safari and 25% firefox.

7. liferea 0.9.6 sucks really bad. i've had to purge my logs of all liferea 0.9.6 user agents. why? because they have a stupid bug which makes readers refresh my feeds every 1 second. thanks guys for wasting all my bandwidth.

8. netnewswire is by far the most popular rss feed reader for this site. only close coming second is safari rss (can't really tell with firefox whether it is refreshing the feed or not).

9. apparently pictures on this site dominate google images' search for "mac", "smart" and"cute". i have no idea why my image of a "mac mini", "smart sports car" and "electrocute" comes out on the first page for those google image searches.

10. apple.com is by far the biggest non-search referrer to my site. most are just direct downloads of the widget.

11. there are around 3600 people who are actively using my the latest version widget. thats not counting the 60000+ who have downloaded the older versions.

there are more stupid facts, but thats all i have for you guys for now :)

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