17 Oct 2005

ipod nano + qrcode = advertisment

here's a pretty neat ipod nano ad at the shinjuku station in tokyo. a wall of photos of ipod nanos that are peelable. on the back of the card is a qrcode where people can (presumably) find more information about the nano.

 Arena Ipod Archives 1012Ipodcard03

 Arena Ipod Archives 1012Ipodcard02

(pics from japanese ipod news)

i'm just impressed by both the qrcode (hey they exist -- whether people use it is a totally separate question) and the fact they have some innovative way of grabbing people's attention. plus something cool to take how. i remember when sony released the memorystick in hong kong, they had people on the streets giving out chewing gum shaped like the memorystick to show you how small it is (or how big it is now)

via rfid japan

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