27 Oct 2005

my my yahoo bookmarks

while testing my feed, i stumbled across my my yahoo page which i had used sometime in the earlier 21st century. i can't even remember when was the last time i used it, but i suspect maybe around 2000.

some of those are actually quite funny. interesting things i used to bookmark like xdrive and idrive. i can't remember what dialpad and datapimp was all about. and remember the CSA linux test drive? i don't think i ever got that working. probably the only site on that list i still visit now is slashdot.

also, at the bottom is a link called "spencer notes." this guy was crazy. when i went to undergrad, he used to type up all the lecture notes that he wrote down and put them online in PDF. we used to just use his notes and skip the lectures. i remember it was very funny because he'd put his copyright notice all over them, but we'd still print them out with the lab printers so everyone could just pick them up and copy them. the reason he did it was just for fame, i believe. it was quite funny because i didn't know how, all i know was that he was very anal about his notes. i wonder where he is now.

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