28 Oct 2005

terrible thursday disasters

had a pretty rough thursday. firstly, i dropped my bag off the dining table in the kitchen while i was packing my award winning lunch entry (mashed potatoes and sausages) into my bag. inside my bag was my precious powerbook. i heard a big thud, and i already knew what happened but i didn't want to even look. kinda a like when you know you've done something bad, you want to hide so that maybe it was all a dream.

once i got into the lab and took my powerbook out (which was protected by a token foam b4 pocket) and the top left corner was dented. looks like like this:

powerbook defaced

luckily the damage was cosmetic. the aluminium case around the power socket and the speaker grill was squeezed out, but i could still plug my ac adapter into it. however, it is a little looser than before, so i have to be a bit more careful when i don't have my battery plugged into the laptop.

the second disaster that happened was at the end of my 15 minute cycle to the lab. i've had my lock tampered with last week with possibly the biro lock hack trick that was circulating around the net some months ago. the would-be theives were unsuccessful, but they managed to screw up my lock so that i couldn't lock it any more. so i borrowed my housemate's lock on her bike which she never uses. when i came to use the lock, i managed to break the key on her lock. the lock was a bit stiff so i was jiggling the key around inside the key hole and snap, the key snapped in half.

key and a half

that really made my day. luckily, thanks to dr. dj, i was able to secure my bike to his personalised bike rail. now i've got the spare key for that lock i snapped the key with, but i'm wondering whether i should even attempt to open that lock again!

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