29 Oct 2005

deskloops - exposé for windows

wow, this is the first time in a long time that i've lusted for a piece of software that is windows only. deskloops can be described by the first window management software that exceeds exposé on the mac (well, i'd expect that given they have 18 times the market share of macs, and a 2 year dev time :)


check out the video on their site for a nice 2 minute demo of deskloops.

if you use windows, you definitely should try it out since it is free (at least in beta form.) in a nutshell, rather than arranging all your open windows in a 2d canvas by shrinking them, it will (on launch) arrange them in a virtual loop so you scroll around them by touching the left or right edges of the screen. it can also arrange windows into a strip at the top for easy scrolling. the thing i don't like about exposé is that it shrinks the windows and doesn't have titles, so you can't easily spot the window you're looking for except hovering your mouse over all the windows. but deskloops doesn't shrink windows, so you can see upfront exactly what the window is. the only downside is that it might be slower than exposé if you have many windows open, and i wonder what order they are arranged in. nevertheless, i really hope the exposé designers take that and give it a mac spin for 10.5 :)

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