30 Oct 2005

bare minimum xmlrpc support on my blog for ecto

the last couple of days i've been having some ecto withdrawal symptoms. this is purely caused by the lack of xmlrpc support after i switched to django. finally, between glibc and kernel recompiles i've rectified that problem.

it turned out to be much simpler than i thought in python. i basically pieced together the small xmlrpc.py django contrib from Amit Upadhyay and wrote some conversion functions from my blog entry model into the mt entry style suitable for sending over xmlrpc.

unfortunately, the view isn't that useful because everyone's blog entry is different, so it is rather hard to make a generic framework to open source for munging your blog entry into the movabletype api entries.

one bonus thing though, my problems with ecto doing weird things with my linebreaks has disappeared with my new blog. i'm not quite sure how or what happened, but i suspect it is because my new blog doesn't attempt to be smart and return any text filters, so ecto doesn't get confused by it.

finally, the one thing that would make ecto perfect would be to add a text box so that i could type in tags in a string format in delicious style rather than clicking on check boxes. meanwhile, i'll probably have to add a hack to give some tag hints inline in the blog post and strip them over on the server side.

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