01 Nov 2005

new web design slowly coming together

due to my lack of time on photoshop, i've been slowly cobbling my web site from pure html and css. i like doing web design incrementally, seeing what works and what doesn't and slowly updating the site. once i know that i have a layout i like, i'll then spruce it up with some graphics.

so here i have some tabs on the top that i feel are quite cute -- although they don't come out very well on internet explorer. the pager will eventually become a scrollable javascript thing. i haven't quite sussed out what sort of interface for the pager should be, either by date or by item number.

lastly, the feel of the page is very similar to apple's front page, the main headline story (blog entry) slap bang in the middle, followed by three dynamically updated boxes of information. i'm going to try to restrict myself to only three, because its the right about that doesn't overflow people with useless information. although the information contained is rather useless :) where it starts to differ is that scroll down off the page and you'll get your regular front page. so if you enjoy reading some older entries, they're easily accessible.

there's still more to do with re-theming some of the static pages. i need to figure out where i can rip out django's templating system to do static pages like i did with phptemplates in drupal.

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