13 Nov 2005

comments on john gruber's review of the new powerbook

john gruber (daring fireball) has a philosophical review of the powerbook. interesting points:
"... I suspect the aluminum PowerBooks look and feel more rugged than they actually are. The corners, for example, are prone to denting, which in turn can lead to problems with the power adapter socket."
so true! however, i'd much rather have a dented powerbook than a cracked case.
"..iBooks also get better AirPort reception than do PowerBooks."
of course, what antenna would perform well if it was enclosed in aluminium?
"One area where PowerBook hardware is clearly superior to that of iBooks is the keyboard. I consider PowerBook keyboards superior in every regard."
i totally agree with this one. i've played with all sorts of laptops, and definitely the powerbook keyboard feels the most comfortable.
"Apple claims the new 15-inch PowerBook display is 20-some percent brighter than before, and, indeed, it’s quite bright for a laptop. Next to my 20-inch Cinema Display, however but not unexpectedly, it seems a tad dingy."
i would love a brighter powerbook. that is one of the things that is attracting me to getting a 15". i've never seen a laptop that has a brighter screen than a regular LCD. compared to the dell LCD and CRT on my desk, my powerbook is pretty dim.

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