17 Nov 2005

real reason why australia is in the world cup!

further to my post about australia making it to the world cup, here is the real reason why it actually made it. john safran is one of my favourite comics in australia, behind roy and hg, rove mcmannus, the guys from the panel, tony martin and mick molloy ..

anyway, getting back to the real reason, aap (australian associate press) reports in "the onion"-esque style that john safran had went and channelled the zimbawbe witchdoctor who allegedly put a curse on the australian team in the 1970s due to defaulting on a payment:

"I did it. I reversed the curse," Safran told SBS television.
"I found a witch doctor who said he could channel the original dead witchdoctor who cursed the team so we went to the pitch where Australia played and he smeared chicken blood all over me."

for those who don't know about john safran, he's a religious satirist. on the dvd set of john safran vs god, he attempts to inflirtrate the free masons and gives zen buddhism a twirl in his religion road test in kyoto, japan. anyway, back to the story, here's the actual video of him being sprayed with chicken blood! (note: click on episode 7)

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