10 Dec 2005

yahoo will buy anything that does tagging

news: del.icio.us bought by yahoo, the same guys who bought flickr. just a couple of points before i bore everyone to death.

1. yahoo is more than capable of replicating del.icio.us. however, they are buying del.icio.us because of their user base and the kudos/buzz it can generate buy looking like it "gets" the web2.0 thing. (yeah, they even call their bloody bookmarking/searching hybrid myweb2.0)

2. nearly every app that is created will have tagging as a component. soon tagging will just be as common as bookmarking a page, but instead you'll be able to tag everything from music, to books, to your wardrobe. soon we'll run into the same problems that people have now with searching, too many tags, can't remember what i've tagged as what, what my schema is. and then the thing will come full circle, we'll need to search our own tags. then web3.0 will be kick started by tagoogle.

3. how many companies have yahoo bought? just a quick search (ironically on google) will tell you these include:

flickr - great photo sharing tagging site
konfabulator - xml/javascript widgets for the desktop (rich man's apple dashboard)
kelkoo - shopping rating site
upcoming.org - social events organiser tagger
del.icio.us - bookmarks
dialpad - voip?
farechase - travel website
viaweb - dunno? some ecommerce thing
oddpost - feeble attempt at competing with gmail's interface, in some ways, they were there before gmail!
overture - search driven ads - another google competitor
inktomi - another search engine

.. and more .. god this is boring. someone else did something similar to this list but in more detail. check out tom o'keefe's pdf on yahoo's expansion policy. it's like colonisation of the web!

finally, let's start a pool on what yahoo is going to buy next. my money is on some mobile phone social tagging advert email ajax company.

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