12 Dec 2005

calm down sydney and the quality of bbc comments.

there have been race riots in sydney for the last two days and there's heaps of coverage over at sydney morning herald. bloody hell sydney, get a grip. this isn't so much about race, but a bunch of drunken bastards trying to find an excuse to beat someone up with their empty beer bottle. just so happens that those drunken bastards outnumbered the police.

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anyway, reading some of the comments in bbc news just sickens me on how uninformed some of the people are. take a look at these choice quotes:
"It appears that when white people riot they are condemned as racist, but when non-whites riot they are considered oppressed."
boo hoo for white people. look, if you are the majority race in the country, then yeah, if you tell people to get out of your country, then yes, you're being racist. how is that not racist? are the white australians oppressed by the immigrants and forced into the outer suburbs?
"Maybe multi-culturalism is being forced onto Australians, as it is in many other western nations, to the extent that the will and the rights of native Australians are being ignored?"
ok, let me take a deep breath. so someone forced australians into multiculturalism. i suppose now you'd want to force everyone out again? and then to the jewel of this comment, what is the native Australian? the convicts and gold diggers that arrived in the 1800s, the european immigrants in the 1900s? or did he/she mean the REAL NATIVE australians -- like the aboriginies?
"The frustration shown by the indigenous population (of many countries) comes not from racism necessarily, but having to watch and accept that their culture, freedom of expression and religion are supressed and on the back burner, in order to accomodate OTHER cultures."
hahaha .. has this person even been in sydney? and i suppose that she thinks muslims are taking over the sydney opera house and turning it into a mosque? how is australian culture being repressed? only recently was there the same furor in australia about schools banning head scarfs. who's repressing who?

anyway, i think that is why bbc has taken their comments off the main article page an on to a separate section because most of the comments are just so uninformed and ridiculous. reading those comments just makes me sick, and so does the irresponsible talk back radio guy alan jones.

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