13 Dec 2005

switching from safari to firefox

recently, firefox 1.5 has become my default browser. safari has been my default browser since, but two things have finally broken the camel's back and made me switch:

1. javascript performance is abysmal. my stats page takes 18 seconds to load on safari, and firefox takes 5 seconds to load. that is because it just does some XmlHttpRequest'ing and adding DOM manipulation. i found out after some more testing that it was the performance of the DOM that was lacking, rather than the overall javascript performance.

2. the wealth of cool extensions for firefox finally swayed me. i've now got all sorts of cool extensions like webdev, adblock, showip and customisable search box.

things i still miss from safari though, which means i might go back eventually:

1. nice interface. as much as i like firefox, safari does have the cleaner interface
2. the inquisitor plugin from david watanabe, the creator of newsfire and acquisition.
3. the excellent safaristand sidebar that displays thumbnails of the tabs in a style better than omniweb.

also, i am using the reportedly G4 optimized version of firefox rather than the stock standard one.

one final note, i had to manually go into the Firefox bundle to change a jar file so that i could use emacs keybindings in the textareas and dialog boxes. why don't they make it default because it just goes against the grain of all the other mac apps that respect emacs key bindings.

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