15 Dec 2005

pointless yahoo-google homepage widget

google launches widgets for their home page, i guess it's their attempt at dashboard and konfabulator but without being on your desktop. i never go to my personalised homepage for google.

anyway, i spent 20 minutes doing what any self deprecating coder would do, write something to deface and cripple a web page. observe, yahoo-ized google:


i'm thinking of actually making it work properly and then submitting it to google to see if they'd like to approve it so it can be installed much easier. right now, to use it you need to do the following:

1. log in to your google personalised website
2. press add content
3. add "developer.xml" to the "create a section"
4. then you'll see the "My Modules" box in your page, type in the "add a module" box: "http://bits.liquidx.net/misc/yahoogle.xml"
5. now the yahoogle box will come up, but it won't change the logo because the module needs to be "inlined".
6. tick the "inlined" box for yahoogle.xml and reload the page.

now, all your searches are belong to yahoo!

how pointless is that. (btw, i love using google, but recently i've been experimenting whether i can live without google -- it turns out the answer is no.)

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