17 Dec 2005

300+ people bookmarked canvasgraph

it is really encouraging that quite a few people were interested in my canvasgraph javascript work. not sure how many of those actually translated into using it. but there are 216 people here and another 112 here who bookmarked it on del.icio.us, so that least i know i'm not on the wrong track. also got mentioned in mozilla developer center and already(!) used in some smalltalk charting library.

this is actually more exciting than getting a paper published. i hope my supervisor doesn't read this. heheh.

an embarassing note though, i just realised that in the table that shows the multiple dataset bar chart data sourced from a table. emm, i accidentally wrote that 2 squared is 2. whoops!

i apologise for my egotistic boasting .. i'll try and keep that under control with my medication.

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