17 Dec 2005

better rss/atom feeds for liquidx.net

i rejigged the backend to my feeds to display some slightly better formatted rss and atom feeds so they're slightly more human readable to aid debugging. also experimenting with adding a tracking redirect in the feeds so i know how many people are coming from rss/atom feeds.

i suspect that i can make the assumption that anyone who hits a content page without a referrer is going to be from an rss reader, but i'd just like to know for sure. just something i really want to know for sure.

the comments feeds at the bottom should now be validated as i previously included a relative url rather than an absolute one. btw, i still can't seem to understand how to use the higher level syndication feed in django for anything more complex than just the latest blog feed, so i'm just sticking to the lower level one.

so let me know if i've killed your news reader or aggregator with these changes.

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