03 Jan 2006

weird inconsistencies with delicious api

i've been fiddling with the delicious api to write a quick python wrapper around things so i can sync my own links database with delicious. i figured that some people are more used to the delicious interface, so i could just import the data back in and regularly sync up so that it would be useful when either one of them goes down.

here's an odd thing i found while doing my own delicious module. there are three different forms of returning a status code for three different type of functions, posts_add, tags_add and bundles_set:
<result code="done" />

i hope they do something about this soon. hopefully the people at yahoo who do apis will help them fix this.

this has actually worked out quite well. i'm still not quite sure why the other delicious python modules are somewhat more complicated than mine is. maybe they seem to be covering a lot more than i want or need.

other interesting fact is that on your own delicious page, the bit where it says "and 38 people people" for your own bookmarks is not live updated. from what i can see, it only registers when your account has been changed (not just that bookmark, but your whole account.) i suppose it is just some caching hack. however, you can still get the most up to date value from the api. but just requesting that particular post and looking at the "others" attribute.

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