04 Jan 2006

apple, please make iphoto 6 faster!

i've finally had it with iphoto 5. it is slow. i have 6115 photos and 91 movies.

things that seem dead easy like slide shows are now an embarrassment. i've been trying to rate my photos taken last year so i can pick out some ones to do something interesting with them. but after rating 2 photos in the full screen slide show, it starts stuttering. this is embarrassing because this is THE app the show off how cool the mac is, and it sucks with my iphoto library.

importing photos from my camera is slow, whenever i do that, i can forget about using my mac for anything else while the photos get put into the album.

keywording is slow. anybody who has seen my iphoto would know that i'm a pedantic categorising freak. and this slow keywording (not to mention bad interface) is really getting to me. keyword assistant makes this job just bearable.

apart from slowness, the only minor issue i have with it is the inability to resize photos in place. otherwise, all the other neat features are great like folders, smart albums, open xml file format to get all your data out (which is used to generate my online photo galleries.)

before i start launching into finding an alternative, i'm going to try splitting my 6000+ photo library into smaller ones using iphoto buddy. and probably go for a much needed pruning of my library in the process to get rid of photos that i don't like.

if that fails, there aren't that many good alternatives out there. for the mac, there's adobe elements, iview media pro, shoebox.

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