06 Jan 2006

creative invents new term : zencast

creative has been seen screaming la-la-la-la and covering its ears while writing this site about zencast.

according to them, podcast stands for Personal On-Demand broadCAST. someone needs to update the wikipedia entry for podcasting right now!

"Podcasting" is a portmanteau that combines two words: "iPod" and "broadcasting."

... suggested [alternative] name, "blogcasting", implies content based on, or similar in format to, blogs, which is not always the case. Others include "audioblogging", "audio magazines", or "webcasting", terms that might describe other forms of media distribution, and "rsscasting," which would be difficult to pronounce.

quickly creative, edit that page quietly so no one knows, like adam curry did.

(via herro flom japan -- very good gaijin in japan personal on demand broadcaster)

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