10 Jan 2006

macbook pro!

by the time you've read this, you probably already know about the new apple powerbook that steve jobs announced today at macworld.


regarding rumours

first off, kevin rose (of digg.com fame) called it spot on with insider information. although beating jobs by only 12 hours isn't quite the scoop. but interesting is all the people who called it wrong. everyone talking about the new ibook widescreen and apple plasma display to new mac mini. nothing.

macbook pro
i've been anticipating a new powerbook for ages. although i don't have the money for one just yet (i think i'll have to try get some side jobs to earn the £1429 for the lower end version or £1779 for the higher end.) damn the specs are very attractive. it seems like apple is there as one of the first, if not the first, to come out with a shipping product with the new intel pentium 5 (hahaha .. ok, core duo.) someone want to sponsor me for a new macbook pro so i can make my album art widget a universal binary? ;) i think i tried it once and it failed miserably, but i'll try it again soon.

macbook pro name
macbook pro sounds like a dumb name. kinda like the mighty mouse or the ipod shuffle. but, i suppose it only has three syllables versus "powerbook core duo" or "powerbook intel." but a name is a name. just that i'll still call it powerbook just like we still it ipod video.

macbook pro battery life

i've been searching high and low on the apple website about battery life. the older 15" and 17" had 5.5 hours battery life, but here, macbook pro doesn't actually say. they say there's more performance per watt on the new macbook pro compared to the powerbook g4, but i can't find it. what is the battery life?

macbook pro swaps firewire 800 for isight and optical audio

at least they kept firewire 400. on the other hand, they have optical audio in and out that i'd probably never use. and that magsafe patent pending power adapter. well, how about that. i haven't had the pleasure of performing the flying powerbook trick by tripping over the power adapter, but patricia's ibook has. so i guess its a welcome addition. i just wonder if it will come loose too easily. gotta check one out at the apple store when they ship in february.

oh yeah, and they got rid of the modem. good on them.

what is expresscard/34?

firstly, 34? two bits more than 32? err, i'm confused. am i supposed to be excited.

macbook pro only 15"

they haven't eliminated the powerbook g4 line because they've only got a 15" version. i suspect that they're ahead of schedule and haven't cleared out all their older powerbook g4 stocks yet. i'm anticipating some very deep price cuts for the powerbook g4 line until they totally replace them. but who in their right mind would by a g4 now that the intel core duo is out?

i suspect there might be a new design for the 17" and/or eliminating the 12" and making that the ibook.

finally will i get one?

i definitely want one, but don't have enough money to get one. unless i want to sleep on the streets for the next couple of months. i am in the market of my 15" as i reckon my 12" is just a little too small for my needs, and i do love the widescreen.

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