11 Jan 2006

switched to orange for my gsm lovin'

well, my phone contract ended last september but i was too lazy to go switch contracts or get a new phone. after the grueling/annoying process of getting a Port Authorisation Code (PAC) that allows you to take your number from your existing carrier and move it to another, i'm now on Orange Pay As You Go (PAYG).

switched to orange because of three reasons.

1. they're orange! it's one of my favourite colours!

2. they give you 300 free text and 1MB free GPRS traffic per month if you top up £10 or more (enough for me to dabble around) and i know this is nothing compared to what you get on 3G or what, but its a start. they also seem to have the internet thingy more sorted out that vodafone. they even have this TalkNow app that runs on symbian phones that is a push to talk thingy. can't wait to try it out to see what it does, maybe it'll just blow all my call credits away or something, i dunno. (update: i just looked, it says its free for the first three months if you're a new user -- yep, thats me! -- pretty interesting :)

3. orange wednesdays! how can you not like that? save £3-£5 pounds per visit to the cinema!

one extra benefit was that the sim cost me 50p (incl. shipping) but orange gives you 300 text messages, £1 call credit and 1MB GPRS traffic for the first month. bonus! oh yeah, that means i have two non-activated vodafone uk prepaid sims i got for free. anyone want it?

PS. my old phone number still hasn't been transferred properly. i'll have to see if it is sorted out tomorrow. if you need me, you'll have to use email.

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