12 Jan 2006

album art widget 2.5 - chinese support update

what started off as a quick exercise to throw out a universal binary update (in light of the actual release of intel macs) turned into a bug fix release for specifically the yesasia portion of the album art fetching. the new version contains only three changes:

1. universal binary/widgetplugin. so in theory should work on intel macs, but i don't have one to test it on (*hint hint*)

2. improves searching chinese artists on yesasia by fixing my stupid assumption that the chinese characters appear before any english name in the artist name. now its much smarter about that.

3. yesasia searching is now working again.

i should use this opportunity to thank PP for helping me beta test every release before it hits the server. and every time she uncovers some critical bug or crappy design decision i made that turns out to be immensely useful! ;)

again, download the new version from the album art widget page.

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