12 Jan 2006

all things mac (book pro or not)

the internet is alight with commentary from everyone about the new mac book pro. i think best critique comes from this dude at unsanity who actually has played with the mac book pro. i tend to believe someone who has actually put their mitts on the damn laptop than all these armchair pundits around the place.

before i read his article, i also noticed that the increased power supply wattage. also, this morning it has been noted that my powerbook for the last two years was called "mcbook". i guess thats why i don't have such a horrible reaction that everyone is having with mac book pro.

oh yeah, what is this flip4mac thing to replace windows media player? firstly, the quicktime component to play wmv's on quicktime is still buggy, it crashes quicktime on close. and secondly, wmp still is associated with wmv's on my mac. i guess their installer didn't do a good enough job, but luckily i do have finderpop for all my quick opening files needs:


finally, i think penny-arcade has the best take on the internet about the whole mac moving to intel reaction should be:


you must read their news bit as well just to see how jolted their world is now that price is the only barrier to owning a mac.

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