14 Jan 2006

hyperwrt on linksys wrt54g

where i live, we've got a very hackable linksys wrt54g. recently i came across a page on utorrent.com about problems that might occur with wrt54g's default firmware when using their software.

that wasn't too interesting, but it had links to installation instructions for hyperwrt and dd-wrt. i tried hyperwrt+tofu because they had a nicer homepage and the instructions were more clearer. turns out after 10 minutes and 2 reboots, i can now telnet into my wrt54g and also have a full source tree where i can fiddle around. it is a little different from openwrt because i believe that is built from the ground up whereas this is just patches against the official linksys source.

# uname -a
Linux teh 2.4.20 #1 Sun Jan 8 09:19:12 PST 2006 mips unknown
# cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type : Broadcom BCM947XX
processor : 0
cpu model : BCM3302 V0.7
BogoMIPS : 199.47

very cool! now i have to think of what i should run on it.

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