28 Jan 2006

important things to note about lighttpd

here are some things you need to know about lighttpd as i experienced at 1.4.8.

1. it has an incredibly small memory footprint. 2M! it has great facilities to load balance things across multiple servers.
2. it's configuration is very plain and simple. no bloody apache "UnbreakMe Yes" options everywhere.
3. webdav support is not quite there yet, doesn't work with mac os x tiger's finder. actually, it is disastrous to use finder with lighttpd. if you turn on writable, it will infinitely request for properties that the server doesn't respond correctly.
4. if you use fastcgi to self spawn a cgi handler, it is very likely to fail and turn into an infinite loop disaster in the logs! i believe this is a known bug and fixed in 1.4.9.

otherwise, its just been great! hopefully they keep this up, i'm glad i've started making the switch. once i convince all the others on the colo to switch over the lighttpd, the world will be a better place! hahaha

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