28 Jan 2006

opera mini browser for your mobile rocks!

if you've browsed the web before on your mobile, you'll know how slow and frustrating it is. that is because no good ui designers wrote software for phones. finally, opera has applied some of their know how to pioneer the mobile web browser market.

the opera mini browser really does rock. i've been using it to browse all sorts of things like bbc news and god forbid, liquidx.net and it works great. i was thinking about adding a wml version of my page just for fun, but it looks like this browser is good enough to use verbatim on my site. i believe it funnels the traffic through some sort of rewriter that shrinks all images.

 Img Screenshots Operamini En Google En

if you go to the bbc website, all the images are shrunken down so they look good enough on your phone, but small enough that it won't bankrupt you. i think the real test would be to use it to browse fark.com or flickr. and reportedly javascript works too, but no i don't want scripactulous stuff on my phone!

anyway, the point is, if you've been skeptical about web browsers on your phone, you should give opera mini a try!

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