01 Feb 2006

nothing like sitting on a blog post for a couple of hours

sometimes (actually at least once every month) i write a heated personal blog post which i rant on about something or someone that anyone who is not directly attached to me would not understand or even think that i'm a raving mad man roaming the streets of cambridge.

one of these blog posts cropped up earlier this week, except this time i had the presences of mind to save it as a draft in my ever trusty ecto and ponder about it for a couple of days. great thing i did that because otherwise i may have pissed off more than a few people. good news is for your sanity and for the continuing illusion that makes me appear sane, you'll never see that blog post.

the only part of that blog post you'll see is this below:
so, it is chinese new year. this year, it closely followed australia day, which makes two meaningless "holidays" in a month because i'm in cambridge uk. anyway, happy chinese new year to those who are celebrating it.

last year, i wound up in hong kong on chinese new years eve, known as "the 30th", and on chinese new year. i remember that in contrast to christmas in uk where everything closes for two or three days. things only shut down for a couple of hours in hong kong coz people can't wait to make more money!

to me, spending chinese new year in cambridge just means a regular day as usual, just like when australia day rolled around, i didn't even remember it till that night when i was figuring out what day it was from my calendar.

cambridge is still that old boring place, nothing much to do on chinese new year.

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