03 Feb 2006

damn it is cold.

according to dashboard, its snowing, but its too cold to move to the window to check whether it really is. i'll find out tomorrow morning.


i need to explain that screenshot a little. i don't know anyone living in wellington, nz, but the problem is that for some reason, i can't get the right sydney time in the flipclock widget with the combination of crazy daylight saving hacks happening in australia due to the commonwealth games, the closest time i can get is wellington time!

hong kong time is self explanatory, the widget on the bottom is air traffic control, that lists the current wireless network and also other spotted networks, their signal strength and channel number. so there you go, our home wireless network is called intraweb, a little homage to crazy newbie netspeak. nice thing with this widget is it has a database of known MAC addresses and notices it is a linksys router. yes we run WEP here, so you can come around and hack our network if you want. that is because we have a mix of some older PCs that don't support WPA properly. i'd love to switch to WPA in a heartbeat, but i have to wait for my housemates to get rich enough and upgrade to a macbook pro! (haha i wish!)

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